Can I send Chelsea and/or Baby Carskaddon a Gift?

Due to Chelsea’s distance and her current living situation she thought it would be most beneficial and economical for people to send monetary generosities instead of physical gifts. Money can be sent via Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle (details below). Chelsea will, however, contact you to let you know what she purchased with your kindness.

If you would still really like to send Chelsea a physical gift please contact her directly and she will try to figure out a good address for shipping depending on her location.

How do I Send Money to Chelsea and/or Baby Carskaddon?

You’re so sweet to want to help the Carskaddons as they prep for this new adventure. You can send money through any of these vendors:

1- Venmo: Simply go to and sign in (or set up a new account if this is a first for you). Click on the payment icon and type in CLCarskaddon. Chelsea’s profile should come up. Select it. Add the amount you would like to send, add a description, and click “Pay.”

2- Paypal: Simply go to Add the amount you would like to send and click “Next.” You will then be prompted to log in/sign up. You can now add a description and select your payment method, then click “Send Payment Now.”

3- Zelle: After you’ve logged into your USA bank account go to “Send Money” or “Send Money with Zelle” or “Transfer & Pay.” Click “Add a Recipient” or select my name if I am already on your list of recipients. When adding me as a recipient use the phone number 623.337.1726 or email address during registration. Enter the amount you want to send and choose an account to fund your payment. Next, select Continue. Review and send.

4- Check: If none of the above ways work for you, you can send a check to this address. Just write “Carskaddon Baby Shower” in the memo line so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands 🙂 **Please do not send physical gifts to this address. CHELSEA DOES NOT LIVE AT THIS ADDRESS**

Michelle Hill
9216 W. Bent Tree Dr.
Peoria, AZ 85383